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Bottle Stopper Chuck System

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Product Description

Making a bottle stopper is now as easy as drill, tap, mount and turn. First, drill your bottle stopper blanks with the included 5/16in. Drill bit. Second, tap the hole with the 3/8in. Tap and die set. Third, mount the stopper chuck to your lathe, then thread on the stopper blank. Fourth, turn your blank to the profile of your choice. Then assemble and thread the blank into the kit's 3/8in. post. System includes; drill and tap set, 5/16in. drill bit and bottle stopper chuck (1in. x 8 tpi).

Specification Description
Drill Sizes Used: 5/16in drills pilot hole
Projects Used On: Bottle Stoppers
Pieces in Set: 3
Compatible Spindle Sizes: 1in x 8tpi
Category: Lathe Chucks

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