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Woodturning Tools

A good set of woodturning tools is a must for any woodurner. But quality turning tools shouldn't cost you fortune. At Penn State Industries you'll save money and improve performance with high quality, top value Benjamin's Best woodurning tools. Benjamin's Best is a full line of wood lathe tools including; spindle gouges, roughing gouges, parting tools, skew chisels, scrapers, lathe chisel sets and more! Achieve your turning potential with Benjamin's Best wood turning tools from Penn State Industries.
Carbide Magic Turning Tools
How to eliminate sharpening, increase productivity and turn remarkably smooth cuts, with less effort...in just minutes - guaranteed!
Lathe Chisel Sets
Improve your turning results and save money with these Benjamin's Best lathe chisel sets.
Skew Chisels
Will provide incredibly smooth finishes and cuts on your work & can be used to turn beads
Spindle Gouges
Precision gouges used to make beads, coves, pens, twig pots, shallow boxes and other small work
Bowl Gouges
Find precision bowl gauges ideal for bowl turning & hollowing out bowl centers
Roughing Gouges
M2 High Speed Steel for long lasting performance. Used to rough-out blanks and remove large amounts of wood quickly
Round nose and side cutting scrapers essential for interior clean up and turning sharp or round interior corners on bowls, boxes or lids.
Versa Chisels
Perform as a scraper, skew and gouge. Forgiving for the novice, yet provide ultimate control for the experienced turner
Parting Tools
HSS lathe tools used to part off waste, cut tenons, establishing a diamater or cut small flat areas
Captive Ring Chisels
Turn perfectly solid rings onto any spindle with these precision HSS cutting tools
Decorative Bead Cutting Chisels
Easily and quickly turn beads like an expert with these precise tools

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