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  • Avoid the burn, trim slowly
  • Crosscutting Barrels
  • Make Wooden Handles
  • Marketing Your Work
  • Sand this way and that
  • Cast Your Own Pen Blanks to Make Beautiful Resin Pens
  • How to avoid pen barrel blowouts
  • Questions and Answer Time! on dropped bushings, barrel trimming and split blanks
  • Indent That Center point
  • Quit Guessing Grits
  • Is it round yet
  • Barry Gross's Techniques for Making an Acrylic pen
  • How to make a bottle stopper
  • What is the dfference between Ballpoint, Rollerball and Fountain Pen kits.
  • How to make a Cabochon inlay
  • The 3 symptoms of bad barrel trimming and how to fix or avoid them

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