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Starter Pen Kit Packages
Get what you need to start making amazing pens including the pen kits, drill bits and bushings
Pen Kit Bundles and Variety Packs
Save big with these bundles and variety packs. A perfect way to stock up on your favorite pen kits or try new ones.
Bolt Action Pen Kits
The world's first Bolt Action Pen Kit will be hard for any hunting or target shooting enthusiast to put down. Bolt action handle smoothly advances and retracts the refill!
Bullet Cartridge Pen Kits
The thrill of the hunt is now captured in these exciting new pen kits
Stylus Pen Kits
A great gift idea for the smartphone or tablet user. Easily take notes, draw or simply turn a page on your device.
Steampunk Pen Kits
Here is a pen kit straight out of Victorian science fiction and the industrialized 19th century.
Slimline Pen Kits
The Slimline offers you a sleek, refined look that makes an exceptionally popular gift
Majestic Pen Kits
Luxuriously featured with Swarovski crystals & custom casted 3 dimensional accent rings, bands & caps
American Patriot Pen Kits
Proclaim your national pride and love of country with this most patriotic pen
Classic Pen Kits
Based on the very popular Parker™ 1920's pen design, this classic design will surely impress.
Designer Pen Kits
Create a pen resembling one of the world's most expensive writing instruments
Victorian Pen Kits
Incorporates of profusion of intricately cast Victorian era decorative motifs including scrolling foliage, garlands and flowers as decoration
Southwest Pen Kits
Take a journey through the American Southwest with these intricately designed Southwestern pens
Gearshift Pen Kits
Inspired by our best selling bolt action pen mechanism, this Gearshift pen is an ideal gift for any car enthusiast.
Celtic Pen Kits
With 50 to 60 million proud Americans of Celtic descent, this pen will be an eagerly awaited gift. Features intricate Celtic Knot scrollwork and an emerald colored cabochon on the end.
Gatsby Pen Kits
Exhibits mystery, flair and elegance. Includes smooth twist mechanism & single tube design
Big Ben Cigar Pen Kits
These big pens are handsome & powerfully built writing instruments
Skull Pen Kits
Our skull pen sends a strong statement that signifies fearlessness, power, and independence.
Princess Pen Kits
Stylish, chic and graceful these Princess Pens simply sparkle. Features 13 Swarovski crystals in the clip and 40 more around the band.
Breast Cancer Awareness Pen Kits
Express your solidarity and let the world know how much you care about a cure for breast cancer with this meaningful pen
Faith Hope Love Pen Kits
Use your creativity to make this meaningful and spiritual pen
Nautical Pen Kits
This pen captures the romance and adventure of old sailing ships
Comfort Pen Kits
A wider slimline style that's easy to make and looks great.
Vertex Pen Kits
The rugged, ready for anything hex shaped pen won't have trouble surviving any tough guy's use. It's refind, faceted, hexagonal nuts and bolts design will surely impress.
Cowboy Pen Kits
The cowboy symbols on this pen are evidence of the real culture of hard work, horsemanship, and individualism
Diva Charm Pen Kits
Feature Swarovski® crystals on the cap band and a Swarovski® crystal charm suspended off the end.
Phoenix Rising Pen Kits
This pen captures the story of the Rising Phoenix in detail, from the flames bursting at the tip, to the rising phoenix; it's tail rendered in the clip
Executive Pen Kits
Elegant with a smooth mechanism will make these kits one of your favorites
Funline Pen Kits
Feature 6 new affordable & attractive platings in our popular Slimline, Designer & Comfort styles.
Specialty Pen Kits
Explore our CEO Twist pens, Necklace Pens, Teacher's Pens, Workshop Pens, EZ Grasp Pens & More
Stratus Pen Kits
Includes the same super quiet, smooth action quiet click mechanism found in our Vertex click pen kits
Slimline Pro Pen Kits
Beefed up Slimline style with precision click mechanism & 8mm tubes.
Trimline Pen Kits
If you like turning Slimline and Comfort Pen Kits, you'll love turning these
Broadwell Nouveau Sceptre Pen Kits
A new generation of high-end pen kits. Created by expert pen designer David Broadwell.
Patrizio Pen Kits
Simple but elegant lines, perfect symmetry and classic back styling epitomize this classically Italian styled 7mm pen.
Shock Absorber Pen Kits
Here's a classy gift that will be appreciated by any car or motorcycle enthusiast
Duchess Pen Kits
Perfectly proportioned, graceful and surprisingly affordable these easy to make 7mm pens will captivate any woman's heart.
Graduate Pen Kits
These streamlined and stylish 7mm pens feature a spring clip and Cross refill.
Spartan Pen Kits
The ten O-rings compliment the industrial look
Apollo Infinity Pen Kits
Feature an elegant and rounded profile in either Rollerball or Fountain pen styles
Sculpted Pen Kits
Distinctive styles that include intricately sculptured band, front and end pieces
Concava Pen Kits
A study in contemporary styling, the Concava showcases an exciting new concave design opportunity on the upper barrel
Filibella Pen Kits
Sleek and contemporary, the Filibella features an intricately embossed and unique filigree pattern
Knights Armor Pen Kits
The handcrafted components feature period armor adornment including a medieval sword, a hand riveted replica knights helmet on the end and a fluted armor design on the tip
Broadwell Art Deco Pen Kits
These equisitely original pen kits feature unique Art Deco Design and premium platings
Polaris Pen Kits
Artistic and well balanced pens & pencils for ultimate writing pleasure.
Tycoon Pen Kits
Features ultra smooth and durable threading. Available in rollerball & fountain pen styles
Olympian Elite Pen Kits
Feature a strong, squared appearance in Rollerball or Fountain pen styles
Montague Pen Kits
The design is based on Venetian Gothic, a style originating in 14th century Venice and combines the use of the Gothic arch with Byzantine and Moorish architectural influences
Power Pen Kits
Powerful pens & pencils include precision click mechanism
Compson Pen Kits
You'll appreciate the luxurious feel and writing comfort of this beautifully designed pen
Rollester Pen Kits
Simple and practical, this fully functional rollerball pen features a slim profile and a metal cap that conveniently posts while you write
Curvado Pen Kits
Very sleek and shapely, the Curvado's distinctive recessed band and popular Euro style profile combine to give this pen a truly unique styling
Key Chain Pen Kits
Quick & easy to make, use these pens whenever & wherever you need them
Longwood Pen Kits
Show off more of your wood with this slimline type design.
Cameo Pen Kits
The sleek two tube design offers you a ton of creative turning possibilities
Desk Accessories
Find funnels, bases and mounts to help make your pen look great on any desk
Workshop/Sketch Pen & Pencil Kits
Rugged yet refined, these kits are ideal for the artist, woodworker or executive
Presimo Pen Kits
These easy to make pens feature a cap that presses on the end to post and screws on to the pen nib to close.
Traditional Pen Kits
Easy to make, larger kits with the superior writing characteristics of roller ball & fountin pen styles
Apex SE Pen Kits
With a truly unique look, our Apex SE offers you the opportunity to create an inspiring "V" design and turned click plunger component
Guardian Pen Kits
Impressive & robust pen with wide rubber grip, click mechanism & smooth gel refill
Segmented Pen Kits
These 24kt kits create an exotic oriental flair ideal for any executive's desk
Metallo Pen Kits
This slim single tube pen features intricately etched metal barrel on the cap end
Bling Pen Kits
This fashionable pen features 142 sparkling crystals on the pen nib, end cap and center band
Shimmering Crystals Pen Kits
Filled with over 100 crystals, this bold, shimmering pen can't help but be used and admired
Crown Jewel Pen Kits
Give the crown jewel of gifts for those of your friends, family or buyers who like a lot of "bling".
Fly Fishing Pen Kits
Here is a gift that will wow any fly fisherman and capture the essence of the sport they love

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