Sculpted Pen Kit Bushings Set

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Product Description

Sculpted Pen Kit Bushings Set
Bushing set for "Sculptured" Pen Kit, Letter Opener Kit, and 2" Magnifier Kit.

Specification Description
Projects Used On: Sculpted Pen Styles
Compatible Tube Sizes: 8mm
Pieces in Set: 3
Category: Bushings

Where this item is used:

You can use this Sculpted Pen Kit Bushings Set for turning the correct barrel diameters of any of the Pen Kits in the list below:

Sculptured Gold Twist Pen Kit
Item #: PKSC-PEN
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Sculpted Arbor Gold Pen Kit
Item #: PKSC-PEN6
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Sculpted Arbor Chrome Pen Kit
Item #: PKSC-PEN6C
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5 Sculpted Twist Pen Kit Starter Set
Our Price:
Reg Price: $64.65
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