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3 Arkansas Magnum Duck Call Kit Starter Set

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Product Description

Save with this Starter Package! You get one Single Reed Duck Call, one Double Reed Duck Call in Clear and one Double Reed Duck Call in Smoke plus the 2pc bushing set. Create a hand-made Duck Call with competition-quality sound. So easy to use that you will sound like a flock of mallards ranging from high up to a feeding call. The double reed style takes more air to blow and don't have as much range as single-reed models, however they have a "sweet spot" that sounds more realistic to passing ducks. While the Single Reed style has more range and is more versatile than the double-reed calls, but they are also a little more difficult to master. Turn the wood holders for these pre-formed sounding board/reed assemblies. Use a single piece of spindle stock 1-1/2 in. x 1-1/2 in. by 4 in. long. Easy to make on a pen mandrel, pre-fabricated sound boards make for simple assembly.

Specification Description
How Turned: Pen Mandrel
Drill Sizes Used: 5/8in Spade Bit
Pieces in Set: 3
Category: Game Call Kits