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Pig Tail Food Flipper 16in. Long Shaft

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Product Description

Here's a handy tool for outdoor grilling or indoor cooking. With its unique curved hook, The Pig Tail Food Flipper quickly and easily flips, turns or moves hot dogs, hamburgers, steak, chicken and hard to grip food items such as bacon, shrimp, scallops and much more. An ideal replacement for tongs, forks and spatulas. It can even lift and flip large items like chickens or a rack of ribs - up to 8lbs! Does not bleed or mark food nor does it scrap up grease like a spatula. To create a beautiful handle just drill a hole in your blank then turn between centers and finally insert the shaft into the handle. Overall length is about 19in. Made of 300 series surgical stainless steel for strength and stability.

Specification Description
How Turned: Between Centers
Blank Size: 4in to 6in
Material: Surgical grade Stainless Steel
Category: Kitchenware Kits

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