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3 Car Air Freshener Vent Clip Starter Set

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Product Description

Save with this starter set! Includes 3 Car Air Freshener Kits with 3 Ocean fragrance chips, plus the Drill Bit and Jam Chuck. Freshen up your ride with a handsome, hand turned air freshener kit. Conveniently clips to most car air vents. A mini fan inside the housing spins effortlessly with any air flow from the vehicle vents to diffuse the scent. The kit includes replaceable, long-lasting fragrance chips and even includes a chip that you can infuse with your own favorite scent. Turn a ring from a scrap of 1-1/2in. x 1-1/2in. x 3/4in. exotic wood for a dramatic look. Includes an Ocean fragrance chip and a blank chip to infuse your own fragrance with oils. 3 other fragrance options are available separately.

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Car Air Freshener Lemon Fragrance Chip Car Air Freshener Lemon Fragrance Chip

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