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50 Caliber Bullet Catridge Bottle Stopper

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Product Description

Arguably the coolest bottle stopper ever. With a replica 50 caliber cartridge shell in Gold Titanium and a rose gold titanium tip, this low profile stopper will make a head-turning gift for any hunter or gun enthusiast. Create one with our Camouflage Bottle Stopper blanks (page 88) for the ultimate hunting themed gift. Uses the same accessories as our best Selling Classic Bottle Stopper Line (Item # BS1).

Specification Description
Type: Bottle Stopper
Finish: Chrome and Gold Titanium
Tubes: none
How Turned: Bottle Stopper Mandrel
Skill Level: Average
Blank Size: 1-1/2 x 1-1/2 x 2
Category: Bottle Stopper Kits


Product Image Product Info Availability Price Quantity
Bottle Stopper Chuck 1in. X 8tpi Bottle Stopper Chuck 1in. X 8tpi
Item # PK-BS1-MJ

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$25.00 Camo Acrilic
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$30.00 Deer antler
$39.95 Spalted Maple
$40.00 hand poured resin

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