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Penn State Industries Pricing

Our Meet or Beat Policy

We pride ourselves on providing the most competative prices for all PSI products. Our Meet or Beat policy guarantees that you will always get the lowest price available for PSI products. Simply provide us with a copy (or link) of the competitors price for the product and we will meet or beat the price.

Pricing Accuracy

Note that pricing on the Web Store and in our Catalog may not be exactly the same from time to time. This is because of the timing of when the catalog is issued and when the Web store is updated. Also, due to errors it is possible that the product price in our Web Store may be lower than our published catalog price. We reserve the ability to correct incorrect prices on the Web - however we will notify you before charging you more for anything other than the price of an item added to your cart. We also reserve the right to update our Web prices whenever necessary due to market conditions. Feel free to email or call our customer service department if you have any questions about the accuracty of our Web store prices.

Volume Pricing

We supply volume pricing whenever possible to reward you for a larger quantity order. This volume pricing will automatically be displayed when you visit a product's page and computed at the time of purchase when added to your cart.