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How to Make a Watch Parts Pen Blank By Barry Gross

I chose to make this watch parts blank paired with Penn State Industries new Steampump Pen Kit as a really great Steampunk inspired project.

1: Cut a piece of colored foil, purchased at any crafts store (I choose blue to highlight the watch parts we will be using later). Make sure when you cut the foil you have enough to wrap around the pen tube and overlap the foil slightly. Apply a liberal amount of Mod Podge (white glue) to the colored foil.

2: Wrap the foil around the tube, assuring the overlap piece of the foil is tight to the tube. Role the foil coated tube on a flat service assuring that any air bubbles have been removed and the foil is tight to the pen tube.

3: Remove any excess foil from the ends of the tube with either a small pair of scissors or use an exacto knife to trim the ends flush with the end of the tube. You are doing this so when you plug the ends of the tube, you will obtain a tight seal on the tube.
4: Use the end of the Exacto knife to “texture” the foil to hide the seam and to make the blank more visual pleasing.
5: Start by using small watch parts available thru online internet shops such as Etsy and Ebay. Use small pliers and carefully bend each gear or part so it will fit snuggly onto the tube.
6: Glue each watch piece to the foil backed pen tube by placing a small drop of medium CA glue, and use an accelerator to dry the glue so you can move on to the next piece. Continue gluing the watch pieces to the foil backed tube until YOU are satisfied. Some people use less parts some use more, it is your pen so make it the way you want it!
7. Finished Pen Tube: Once you have glued all the pieces onto the pen tube you are now ready to cast your masterpiece turn it then make your pen.