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Super Pen Making Starter Set with Turncrafter Commander Tailspinner 10in. Variable speed Midi Lathe

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Product Description

The variable speed motor provides instantaneous speed control as you turn. The relentless 1HP motor delivers the power, control and versatility that is essential for the most demanding turning projects. Top notch cast iron construction and design ensures you years of trouble-free turning and excellent performance. This sturdy lathe will prove the workhorse you need for all of your turning needs from pen turning through 10” bowls. And is ETL listed and tested according to nearly 200 safety and performance standards.

You get everything our original Turncrafter Commander Variable Speed Lathes do, plus so much more.

You’ll flip over this! The whole piece – centers and chuck – can be flipped to assure exact mounting on the same axis. Amazing! Just leave your faceplate or chuck attached when reversing a bowl blank keeping the bowl exactly centered on the lathe axis. Identical tailstock and headstock 1” x 8tpi threads means you can mount your work flip it around, then flip it back. Remounting without fear of misalignment. Lock the live tailstock spindle with the turn of a handle.

Make no mistake, this will end centering errors. Forever. No need for you to re-chuck the piece, so when you reverse a piece and turn it from the other end it is perfectly centered.

Feel the freedom and add functionality with more tailstock attachments. Any center, chuck or accessory threaded or with a Morse taper that mounts to the headstock can operate live on the live Tailspinner tailstock.

You’ll rev up your creative powers with our most powerful motor ever. 1hp in our 10” Tailspinner.

Drill deeper with the 4” tailstock travel.

Not only is the live Tailspinner built in, but so are the savings! Save hundreds of dollars as it eliminates the need for separate/additional Live tailstock accessories or live accessory systems. And includes extra accessories to take advantage of the live tailstock: Extra Spur center, Mandrel Saver, Safety Center and 60° dead center.

  • Digital readout lets you work at precise speeds
  • Vary speeds from 450-1700 RPM and 950 -3800 RPM for shaping or finishing
  • SBC microprocessor technology delivers pinpoint control and reliability
  • Convenient carrying handles
  • 24 Indexing positions with spindle locking
  • Convenient worklight with 18"" flex cable makes it easier to see even the most intricate work.
  • Tool storage rack keeps chisels and other tools close at hand.
  • Sturdy cast iron base accepts optional extension bed for turning projects up to 43”
  • Powerful 1HP motor provides superior power and performance.
  • Designed for easy belt access and removal
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • 82 pound weight
  • 4in. Tailstock travel
Lathe Includes:
  • 6” & 12 ⅝ ” diameter toolrests
  • 3” faceplate
  • Two #2MT Spur Centers
  • 60 Degree Heavy Duty 'Dead Style' Tailstock Center
  • Carry handles
  • Tool Holder
  • Two 4 Prong Spur Centesr
  • Dead style Mandrel Saver
  • Safety Center

Full Package Includes:

DescriptionQuantityItem #
Turncrafter Commander Tailspinner 10” Variable Speed MIdi Lathe1 TCLT10VS
Slimline Pen Kits20(Assorted) PK-PENxx
Bolt Action Pen Kits with 3/8” drill bit, & bushings 3 (Assorted) PKCP80xx
3/4” x 5” Hardwood Pen Blanks for Bolt Action Pen Kits 3 ea PKWXxxx
#2 MT Pen Mandrel w/7mm drill bit and bushings mounts blanks onto lathe 1 set PKM-FLC
Pen Mandrel Wrenches 1 set PKMWR
Benjamin's Best Carbide Wizard 3 Piece Chisel Set 1LCWIZ
Lathe mounted drilling chuck for drilling blanks on lathe 1 CSCPENCHK
Tailstock Drill Chuck for drilling blanks on lathe 1 TM32
Pre-Drilled EZ Blanks - 40 blanks makes 20 slimline kits 40 (Assorted) PK-EZx
1oz Pen Maker's CA for gluing wood into barrels 1 PKGLUE61
2oz CA accelerator 1 PKGLUE9
7mm Barrel Trimmer to square barrels for assembly 1 PKTRIM7
Pen Tube Insertion Tool to insert glued tube into drilled blank 1 PKTINT
5 Grit Sandpaper Set 1 PKSPSET5
250ml Shellawax Finish 1 PKSWAX
Pen Assembly/Disassembly Press to press parts together 1 PENPRESSXL


Specification Description
Horsepower: 1HP
Material Type: Cast Iron
Other Characteristics: Built-in Live Tailstock, 4in quill travel
Brand: Turncrafter Commander Tailspinner
Volts: 110-120V
Footprint: 31in x 7-1/4in
Pulley Steps: 2
Speed (RPM): Pulley 1: 450-1700RPM Pulley 2: 950-3600 RPM
Headstock Thread: 1in x 8tpi Tailstock 1in x 8tpi
Headstock Taper: #2MT tailstock #2MT
Tailstock Taper: Live #2MT
Distance between Centers: 14.5in
Swing over Bed: 10in
Tool Post Diameter: 5/8in
Extension Bed Available: Y
Overall Length: 31in
Category: Mini and Midi Lathes

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