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Assembly/Dissembly Press and Pen Blank Drilling Center Combo

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Product Description

Save with this package! You get both the Assembly/Disassembly Pen Press plus the Pen Blank Drilling Center Vise. With the Assembly/Disassembly press, you can disassemble and assemble your pen parts all on one easy to use tool. Acts as a traditional pen press to reliability and accurately press your pen parts together, while the disassembly function gives you an invaluable way to take virtually any pen apart. You'll get the following components: Press assembly with adjustment sled and handle; 6 disassembly rods; Spring loaded stopper; 6 in. of soft grip tubing; 7mm mechanism bushing for parts protection; Pen Assembly Features: Assembly clamp provides over 250 lbs. of pressure to firmly and accurately press your parts together; Spring loaded ram acts as a 3rd hand for quick and easy parts positioning; The smooth sled mechanism securely and instantly slides the assembly stop into position; A locking lever then securely locks the rod in place along the threads; Converts quickly into a disassembly press by taking out the plastic stop component. Disassembly Features: Unique ram design easily pushes parts out the pen tube; Presses out parts with over 250lbs of pressure; The 6 disassembly rods handle nearly all tube diameters and parts configurations; including pen tips and clips; The dedicated disassembly bushing for 7mm mechanisms lets you disassemble and 7mm pen; Soft grip tube and V profile clamp provides excellent parts protection during the disassembly process; Just put the plastic Stop component back in to quickly convert back into a Pen Assembly press. With the Pen Blank Drilling Center Vise you can drill through the exact center of your pen blanks The jaws on the drilling center move in and out together to insure precision center drilling of your blanks. Just set up the vise once and drill all of your blanks in the exact center. There s no need to change the setup regardless of the blank s size or shape. Holds blanks up to 1-7/8in. square. Plus, the vise now includes a scrap waste sleeve, just a 2in. by 1/4in. piece of scrap (a piece is included with the jig).The scrap piece can be flipped, slid and reversed to get numerous uses out of a single piece. And when its consumed, just cut yourself a new one from 1/4in. plywood.

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