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7mm Stylus Conversion Accessory Set

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Product Description

Just add your choice of stylus tip and you are on your way to creating a one-of-a-kind 7mm stylus project. The set includes a threaded insert you need to thread in the stylus tip. We have also included a mini-washer that helps you convert a kit with a Slimline style clip. The washer converts a standard Slimline clip end to the smaller inside diameter you need to center the clip when you thread in the stylus tip. Set included 3 threaded inserts and 3 mini washers (fits into a Slimline clip end). Stylus tip is NOT included. Quick Tip: How to add a Stylus to our 7mm kits; Select your tip, then press the "Threaded Insert" into the cap end of your pen. Press a washer inside the mounting hole of the pen clip to enable centering the replacement tip. And finally screw the Stylus through the washer and into the Threaded insert. *Stylus tip and clip not included*

Specification Description
Package Count: 3 Pcs
Projects Used On: Any 7mm Kit
Compatible Tube Sizes: 7mm
Category: Stylus Pen Kits

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