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Bullet Cartridge Pen Bundle: 4 Pen Kits, 4 Blanks, and 4 sets of FREE Bushings

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These bullet themed pen kits and blanks will really hit the mark with outdoor or military enthusiasts. Set Includes: 4 sets of Free Bushings; enough to make all 4 pens in the package Civil War Chrome Pen Kit 50 Caliber Machine Gun Pen Kit 30 Caliber Bolt Action Pen Kit 30 Caliber Click Pen Kit Clear Box Elder Blank Desert Camoflauge Blank Urban Camoflauge Blank Woodland Camoflauge Blank More about these pens: Civil War Chrome Pen Kit Inspired by the era when correspondence was an art form and craftsmanship was honored. From the remarkably detailed Model 1861 Springfield Rifle Musket clip to the replica 58 Caliber Minie Ball on the cap and 44 Colt Army Bullet on the end, this pen is ready to help you create your own chapter of history. It is the perfect gift for Civil War enthusiasts, gun aficionados, history buffs, outdoorsmen and more. PSI designers painstakingly replicated these bullets and musket for ultimate authenticity. Easy to make with a 3/8in. tube. Plus, every purchase includes a 4 page information/sales pamphlet on the history of the pens replica components; sure to be appreciated by your gift recipient or customer. Civil War Chome Pen Features: 58 Caliber Minie Ball replica cap (actual size - used on pen cap) This was the most widely used bullet in the civil war. Originally a French army bullet, it was officially adopted by the Americans in 1855. Rings were added to the original design to hold grease to help ease the bullet down the barrel as well as to collect powder residue when fired. Used in the Model 1861 Springfield Rifle Musket. Model 1861 Springfield Rifle Musket replica clip (pen clip) The Model 1861, commonly referred to as the Springfield, was a single-shot, muzzle-loading gun favored for its range, accuracy and reliability. It fired the 58-caliber Minie Ball and had a maximum effective range of 500 yards. It was the most common firearm in use by both Union and Confederate forces. 44 Caliber 1860 Colt Army Revolver Bullet replica end (actual size - used on pen tip) The 1860 Colt Army Revolver was the favorite side arm for cavalry, infantry, and artillery troops and was the most widely used handgun of the Civil War. This revolver was a six shot model allowing the user to fire six times before needing to stop and reload the weapon. The bullets were designed for the round rifle barrel, and the cartridge was paper and glued to the ball. 50 Caliber Machine Gun Pen Kit This .50 caliber bullet cartridge pen kit will make a great gift for any outdoorsman or a military enthusiast. First developed for the Browning, a .50 caliber machine gun in the late 1910s, the cartridge used in this kit is commonly used in the military. Utilizing an authentic .50 caliber once-fired brass cartridge, a single 7mm tube, and a Cross style ballpoint mechanism, we have made it easy for you to turn this one-of-a-kind pen. You can vary the length of the turned section from 1-1/8in. to 2in. for a custom appearance. Overall size of the bullet pen is 5-1/2in. to 6-3/8in. 30 Caliber Chrome Click and 30 Caliber 24kt Gold Click Pen Kits Replicates an actual 30 caliber shell. Turners have struggled to turn actual shell casings into finished pens with mixed results - our complete kit solves this problem. The pen is easy to make, attractive and features: a superior click mechanism, a scope style clip, 8mm tubes and a popular Parker style refill for writing comfort. Bolt Action Pen Kit This completely original and irresistibly fun Bolt Action pen will be hard for any hunting or target-shooting enthusiast to put down. Every detail, from the one of a kind bolt action mechanism to the precision engineered components, was carefully designed to ensure uniqueness and reliability. The realistic bolt-action handle smoothly advances and retracts to securely lock the refill in place. Includes a bolt action rifle clip and a replica 30 caliber cartridge and rose gold bullet tip for added authenticity.

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