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7mm Pen Kit Bundle: 8 Pen Kits and 3 sets of FREE Bushings and one 10 pack of Cocobolo Blanks  Item #: PKSP105A

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Product Description

Save 39% on this 7mm Pen Bundle!

Our most popular pens are fun to turn and are can't miss gifts. Their sleek, refined design never goes out of style. For a limited time, when you buy our 7mm Bundle Set of eight pens, and 10 pack of Cocobolo 5/8" x 5" blanks, We'll include $23.00 of accessories, FREE!
Set Includes:
  • 3 Free sets of bushings (for Comfort, Designer, Trimline - Slimline not included)
  • One pack of 10 Cocobolo Pen Blanks
  • Two Slimline Twist Pen Kits (24kt Gold and Satin)
  • Two Comfort Twist Pen Kits (24kt Gold and Satin)
  • Two Designer Twist Pen Kits (24kt Gold and Satin)
  • Two Trimline Twist Pen Kits (24kt Gold and Gun Metal)
More about these pens:
Slimline 24kt Gold and Satin Twist Pen Kits
Pen turners' love These PSI Slimline Pen Kits because they're easy to make, durable, attractive and ideal for beginners and intermediate turners. The 24kt gold pen kit offers a bright pure gold plating that will give your Slimline pen kit a rich and luxurious look. Our 24kt gold uses a "premium rack plating" process and is covered with an exoxy coating for extreme durability. We guarantee its beauty and durability with a lifetime guarantee. The Slimline Brushed Satin plated pen kit offers a very durable low-luster white metal plating that will give your pen a subtle and elegant look. It will compliment most of your arcylics and many wood species.

Comfort 24kt Gold and Satin Twist Pen Kits 

The standout design of these 24kt Gold and Satin Comfort Pen Kits will make them one of your favorites. It uses all 7mm pen components except for a wider center band and a silicone comfort grip. The result is a wider "Slimline Style" kit that's very easy to make and looks great. You can make the pen with or without the grip and the grips are included at no extra cost!

Designer 24kt Gold and Satin Twist Pen Kits
Our Designer Pen Kits exude old world style and elegance and feature fine components and premium finishes that emulate the world's most expensive writing instruments. These Designer Pen Kits are easy to make, economical and will make a popular gift. 

Trimline 24kt Gold and Gun Metal Twist Pen Kits
A great alternative to our Slimline and Comfort Pen Kits, you'll love turning these new slim style Trimline™ Pen Kits. Their clean lines, attractive clip and wide multi-beaded center band provide an attractive trim profile and design. An easy to make 7mm style. ***LIMIT ONE PER CUSTOMER***

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