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4 in. Deluxe Stainless Steel Pizza Cutter Kit

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Product Description

Cut your pizza with style and ease with this useful kitchen tool. Made with a durable, stainless steel cutter and heavy-duty chrome components, this cutter will impress and perform. The 24kt gold plated washers add an elegant, beaded appearance to your turned handle. It's easy to wash as the threaded insert allows you to conveniently remove the cutter from the handle. Easy to make - just turn between centers to the length of your choice. 4 in Stainless Steel Blade. Chrome finish.

Specification Description
Drill Sizes Used: 1/2in Forstner Bit
Material: Stainless Steel
Category: Pizza Cutter Kits


Product Image Product Info Availability Price Quantity
1/2 in. Carbon Steel Forstner Bit for PKATOMKC 1/2 in. Carbon Steel Forstner Bit for PKATOMKC
Item # PKDB12

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