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5 Magnetic Vertex Pen Kit Starter Package  Item #: PKFP5099

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Product Description

This is a great way to get started making the Magnetic Vertex Pen Kit. You get four Rollerball pens; 2 in Chrome (Item# PKFP5000), 1 in Brushed Satin (Item # PKFP5020) and 1 in Gun Metal (Item # PKFP5010). Plus 1 Fountain Pen in Gun Metal (Item# PKFP5110). PLUS a FREE 10.5mm Drill Bit, FREE 2pc Trimmer Sleeves and FREE 2pc Bushing Set!* This is truly the gift your recipient can't put down! With it's sleek, faceted design and easy to make single tube roller ball construction, this pen is a winner. But what makes this pen truly mesmerizing is it's unique magnetic cap. The cap easily posts magnetically onto the nib and back of the pen without the use of threads. Long single tube design allows you to really show off your turning craftsmanship. Blanks sold seperately. *Kits in packs may vary subject to availability. ***LIMIT ONE PER CUSTOMER***

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