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4 Drip Tip Kit Starter Set

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Product Description

Save with this Drip Tip Kit Starter Set! You get two 7mm Drip Tip Kits and two 8mm Drip Tip Kits. Plus you get the 7mm and 8mm bushings as well as the 8mm drill bit you need to make the kits. These decorative and functional accessories will make a great gift for any E-cigarette/vaping device smoker. You only need a small piece of material so it's a great way to use a leftover or castoff blank material. Vary the length from 3/4in. to over 1-1/4in.. Features stainless steel construction, a double o ring, an interchangeable barrel design and fits the most common 510 atomizers on the market. Includes the somewhat narrower 7mm kit (for narrower draw opening) and the wider 8mm kit (for a wider draw opening) for a tighter draw.

Specification Description
Type: Drip Tip
Finish: Stainless Steel
Tubes: 1
How Turned: Pen Mandrel
Skill Level: Very Easy
Blank Size: 3/8in x 2in
Package Count: 4
Pen Length: 1-1/2in
Category: Drip Tip Kits

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