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Locking Soft-Grip Pliers and Disassembly Punch Set Combo

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Product Description

This convenient combo includes both the Pen Disassembly Punch Set and Locking Soft-Grip Pliers.About the Pen Dissaembly Punch Set: Salvage your pen parts, replace components, exchange components and help avoid buying new pen parts with this versatile kit. Disassembles nearly all pen and pencil kits with tubes and components of any size. Includes 28 rods from 3/32" to 17/32" in diameter including rods small enough to feed through twist mechanisms to pop off pen tips and rods large enough to remove components from very large pens. Complete instructions included. Helps solve the following problems: You assembled your pen and the wood cracked You pressed a component in too far or you want to remove the wooden tubes You inserted a part in the wrong direction, or and put them on a pen with a different plating You want to exchange tubes between pens About the Locking Soft Grip Pliers: These locking soft grip pliers make pen disassembly a breeze. The non-marring soft grip securely grasps finished tubes from .35" (slimline) through 1" diameter. The 7" pliers locks and holds your tube securely while you punch out the internal components. Helps dislodge the tightest and most difficult to remove components. For best results, use with Pen Disassembly Punch set #PKDISET.

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