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3 Magnum Bolt Action Pen Kit Starter Package

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Product Description

Here's a great way to get started and save making our Magnum Bolt Action Bullet Cartridge Pen Kits!

You get:

  • One Magnum Bolt Action Pen Kit in 24kt Gold
  • One Magnum Bolt Action Pen Kit in Chrome
  • One Magnum Bolt Action Pen Kit in Gun Metal
  • One 10mm HSS Drill Bit
  • 2 Piece Bushing Set

Our best-selling Bolt Action pen is now available in this larger Magnum Cartridge style. The Magnum Cartridge, used in center fire rifles, is a favorite bullet of sportsman, big game hunters and military snipers. 10% longer and wider than our original 30 Caliber Bolt Action Pen, this handsome Magnum Bolt Action Pen is the ideal gift for those who like a more substantial writing experience. The realistic bolt-action handle smoothly advances and retracts to securely lock the refill in place. Includes a bolt action rifle clip, replica Magnum cartridge and a rose gold bullet tip for added authenticity. Includes the ability to reverse the clip and bolt for left handed operation. ***LIMIT ONE PER CUSTOMER***


Specification Description
Type: Ballpoint Click Pen
Finish: Various
Tubes: 1
How Turned: Pen Mandrel
Drill Sizes Used: 10mm Drill Bit
Skill Level: Easy
Blank Size: 3/4 x 3-1/2
Refill Type: Parker Style black ink
Compatible Tube Sizes: 10mm
Pieces in Set: 3
Bushings Needed: Item #PKCP7000BU
Extra Tubes: Magnum Pen Tubes
Category: Bolt Action Pen Kits


Product Image Product Info Availability Price Quantity
Magnum Bullet Cartridge Pen Kit Replacement Tubes: 5 Pack) Magnum Bullet Cartridge Pen Kit Replacement Tubes: 5 Pack)
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