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CastaBlanka Image Casting System

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Product Description

  • The Ultimate way to Personalize! Now can add an image to your pens and tailor them to birthdays, holidays, family photos, pets or simply add a theme or design that resonates.
  • Beautiful Results: Your finished pen will have an amazingly clear and brilliant image that's magnified by a clear resin casing. And works with any pen kit
  • Easy to use: No drilling. No gluing. No need for a problematic pressure pot. The Innovative clear tube design lets you see your work, auto centers your brass pen tube as you cast and requires just a minimal amount of resin to eliminate waste and save you money. Make 3/5" round blanks of any length compatible with any pen kit.
  • Fast: Cures quickly (overnight) for quick production and turning.

How does it work?

  1. Just find an image, photo or picture you want and size the image to your pen kit tube.
  2. Print the image out onto an adhesive label sheet on your ink-jet printer. Wrap and adhere the label/image around the pen kit tube.
  3. Cut the included casting tube to a size appropriate for your pen tube.
  4. Mount the decorated pen tube into the casting tube using the appropriate mounting adapters.
  5. Mix your resin and pour it into the mold assembly. Wait overnight for the resin to harden.
  6. Remove the tube then turn your casted blank on your lathe.
  7. Finish and polish with acrylic finishing products.

All-inclusive Starter Set System

We've designed a starter set that includes everything you need to get started. With this system you'll be able to make up to 15 single tube pens that will more than pay for itself with the first 12 pens you make. Starter set includes:

  • 6 casting tubes (6" x 3/4"dia)
  • 32oz of casting resin with hardener (makes 10-15 pens)
  • A vertical support casting base with magnetic bottom to support the mold asssembly in a vertical position
  • A mold top that allows you to easily pour your mixed resin into casting tube
  • 4 pen tube adapters to cast tubes from 7mm to 12.5mm dia.
  • 5 pair of rubber gloves
  • 8oz mixing cup
  • 5 stirring sticks
  • 8' round support base and a complete set of instructions.
  • Note: The plastic tubes are consumed while turning. System works well with other resins and a pressure pot

Specification Description
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CastaBlanka Image Casting System (without resin refill set) CastaBlanka Image Casting System (without resin refill set)

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In Stock
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CastaBlanka 32oz Resin Refill Set CastaBlanka 32oz Resin Refill Set

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In Stock and Ready to Ship
In Stock
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