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Get a rock hard, ultra-shiny finish that makes the grain pop, won't scratch, cleans like glass and lasts forever. Ideal fo ryour high end pens. Formulated from cyanoacrylate (CA) to produce a true layer of acrylic on your wood pen surface. This Basic CA Starter Set includes everything you need to get a great CA finish. Includes one Satellite City Super T Medium CA Finishing Glue - 2oz which is a high viscocity glue ideal for bonding pourous materials or parts that do not fit well together. Bond wood, metal, rubber and composites and many types of plastics. The set also includes 6 grits of fine finishing sanding pads, one #ONESTEP Final Finish Polish which removes scratches and scuffs and is easy to apply and long lasting. Finally, you also get one 2oz CA pump spray accelerator which cures your glues instantly without needing to wait for the glue to dry.

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Pieces in Set: 9
Category: Adhesives


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