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Semi Automatic Rifle Antique Brass Side Action Click Pen Kit

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Product Description

Create a pen that represents one of the most popular gun-styles in the USA. The individual details of the pen create stylistic authenticity in homage to these rifles: The pen tip: Represents the Picatinny rail of the rifle. The tip is CNC machined from solid Aluminum, consistent with true semi-auto rifle materials for a lightweight, ergonomic design. The muzzle brake or "compensator", which redirects exploding gunpowder gases and counters recoil, is located at the tip of our pen. The pen cap end: Is inspired by the rifle's lower-receiver. This is the part of the gun that accommodates the trigger, safety, magazine housing, and carry handle/rear sights. The pen end, or buttstock which is the end of the gun that rests against the user's shoulder, has been adapted as a scope. The scope easily rotates and flips into an upward and seats magnetically when retracted. The pen clip: Represents the carry handle and peep sight of the rifle. The mechanism: The side-click arm represents the bolt-group and trigger of the rifle. The mechanism is clicked or "fired" forward to extend the refill. Easy to make: with a 3/8in. tube and smooth writing performance with a Parker style refill.

Specification Description
Type: Ballpoint Click Pen
Finish: Antique Brass
Tubes: 1
How Turned: Pen Mandrel
Drill Sizes Used: 10mm Drill Bit
Skill Level: Average
Blank Size: 3/4 x 3
Refill Type: Parker Style black ink
Pen Diameter: .55in
Compatible Tube Sizes: 10mm
Pen Length: 5-3/4in
Bushings Needed: Item #PKAUTOBU
Category: Semi Automatic Rifle Pen Kits

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