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15mm HSS Forstner Bit w/ 3/8 in. Shank

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Product Description

15mm Forstner Bit w/ 3/8" Shank
(15mm) forstner style drill bit with 3/8" shank. - Forstner bits are designed to drill flat bottom or through holes cleanly in end grain, thin stock, veneers and regular stock. They enlarge existing holes with ease and can bore any arc of a circle. These bits will not move off center through usual grain or knots. Their accuracy and clean hole are ideal for turning projects. -

Specification Description
Style: Forstner
Hole Size: 15mm
Type of Steel: Carbon Steel
Shank Size: 3/8",Yes
Typical Kit Products: Perfume Atomizers
Category: Drill Bits

Where this item is used:

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