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33/64in. HSS Standard Grind Drill Bit

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Product Description

This quality High Speed Steel Jobber/Machinists style bit has a 118deg grind. Suitable for drilling Acrylic and Stabilized blanks. May wander with the grain in drilling wood.

Specification Description
Size: Flute Length 4-13/16in, Overall Length 6-5/8in
Group: Standard Grind Imported
Hole Size: 10.5mm
Type of Steel: High Speed Steel
Shank Size: 1/2in
Typical Kit Products: Olympian RB/FP
Point Type: Standard Grind
Category: Drill Bits

Customer Q & A

Where this item is used:

You can use this 33/64in. HSS Standard Grind Drill Bit to drill the correct size holes in the blanks of any of the projects in the list below: