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We know copying a turning profile or turning multiples of your favorite spindle, pen or other project pattern can be challenging. If you have tried to copy projects using calipers, you know it is time consuming, tedious and problematic. Our new Visual Duplicator solves these problems.

  • Easy to copy a drawn profile: The adjustable hanger is also a 7mm mandrel where you can mount original pen blanks that you want to duplicate.
  • Easy to copy a drawn profile: Mounts to the ways of your lathe and features a post with an adjustable horizontal acrylic plate - so you can tape your profile to the acrylic plate and position it behind your spindle. Adjusts to fit lathes up to a 14in. swing.
  • Easily does longer profiles: Mount two of the duplicators if you have a longer profile and connect your pattern from plate to plate of the two duplicators.

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