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3 Step Lathe Buffing System  Item #: LBUFFSYS

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3 Step Buffing System
Get a beautiful and a durable wax finish with this unique lathe-mounted polishing system. Buffing passes are made with a Tripoli buff (linen wheel), White Diamond buff (linen/flannel wheel), then Carnuba wax (flannel wheel). The final finish is very similar to multiple coats of lacquer but is softer and much deeper. The system includes:
· set of three 8" fabric buffing wheels
· Tripoli bar
· White diamond bar
· Carnuba wax bar
· 16" long #2 MT heavy duty lathe mandrel which holds the buffing wheels.
· Wheels are 8 inches round.
The system requires a lathe with a minimum of 1/2HP. It is recommended that the final piece be pre-treated with Danish Oil. ONLY SHIPS IN CONTINENTAL USA

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