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Aquapearl White Pearl Pre-Drilled 5/8 in.dia x 5 in. Pen Blanks

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Product Description

White Pearl- Aquapearl Pre-Drilled Pen Blanks 5/8" X 5/8" X 5"
Material is actually an acrylic mixture that emulates the rich contrasting shades of real pearl. Our custom mixtures have been formulated to create high lustre pens that have the striking looks of the most expensive pens in the world. Specially designed for easy turning; you'll need a sharp tool for best results.

Specification Description
Skill Level: Drilling: Do NOT use a bradpoint bit. Use a bit with a standard machinist grind or a dedicated plastic drilling grind. Drill slowly at 100rpm or less, slowly not to overheat. Lubricate with water and pull back bit frequently enough to clear chips.

Turning: Use VERY SHARP chisels. Best to preround edges prior to turning to avoid chipping (sand or cut). Use HSS or Carbide skew for best results. Take light cuts until round. Sand to the highest grit possible (10,000+ preferred). For best finish buff off the lathe or use ONESTEP polish for best final finish.

Size: 5/8dia x 5
Material Type: Plastic
Pre-Drilled: 7mm
Package Count: 1
Group: Aquapearl
Category: Pen Blanks

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