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Penn State Industries Pencrafting Starter Sets

Starter Set 1- Basic Starter Set 2- Accessories Starter Set - 7 mm Sampler


Special offers with purchase of starter sets listed below.
Any mandrel is 1/2 price when purchased with one of our starter sets!
Pen Making video Regularly $19.95
only $6.95 when purchased with a starter set!

Starter Set 1- Basic
Includes a basic assortment of pen making essentials.
5 ea PKPEN Slimline pens $13.25
5 ea PKPCL Slimline pencils $15.75
1 ea PKTRIM Barrel trimmer $16.95
1 pk PKEZ1 pre-drilled EZ wood blanks enough to make 10 pens & pencils $9.95
1 ea PKGLUE2 4-1/2 oz Mid Cure Epoxy $8.95
1 ea   30ml of Shellawax friction finishing polish $3.50
1 ea LCS1 Hi Carbon Steel 1/2" wood gouge $6.95
Value $75.30 if purchased separately
Save over $20!
#PKSTART1 Starter set
only $54.30

PKSTART1A Starter set
w/ "A" style mandrel
PKSTART1C Starter set
w/ "C" style mandrel
PKSTART1D Starter set
w/ "D" style mandrel
PKSTART1E Starter set
w/ "E" style mandrel
PKSTART1F Starter set
w/ "F" style mandrel

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Starter Set 1- Accessories Upgrade
Includes the additional accessories you need to facilitate advanced or volume penmaking

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PKSPSET 4 grit sandpaper set $19.95
PKTINT Pen Tube insertion tool $8.95
PENPRESS Pen Assembly press $37.95
PKSWAX 250 ml jar of Shellawax Cream $19.95
LCPM3 3pc upgrade set of HSS pen chisels $39.95
Value $127 if purchased separately • Save over $26!
#PKSTART2- Accessories set
only $99.95

7mm Sampler Starter Set
save over $45!

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Get a taste of a huge variety of our easy to make 7mm projects. We are offering 10 kit styles in pairs to give you 20 projects at a huge savings. We’ve even included predrilled wood , bushings and an assortment of pen gift boxes! Projects require turning and assembly
This extraordinary sample package includes:
2 ea #PK-PENSAT Satin Chrome Slimline Pens
2 ea #PK-PCLSAT Satin Chrome Slimline Pencils
2 ea #PKPENA2TN T/N Plated Slimline pens
2ea #PKPCLA2TN T/N Plated Slimline pencils
2ea #PKKEY Keychain kits
2ea #PKMINI Mini Keychain Pen
2ea #PKLO Letter Opener kits
2ea #PKCFPEN Comfort Pens
2ea #PKCFPCL Comfort Pencils
1ea #PKCFBU Comfort Bushings
2ea #PKMONT Designer style pens
1ea #PKMONTBU Designer pen bushings
1pk #PK-EZ1 20 EZ pre drilled mini blanks
1pk #PK-EZ2 10 EZ pre drilled maxi blanks
4ea Pen Boxes Assortment most popular styles
Value $110 if purchased separately Save over $40!
7MM Sampler set!
only $69.95

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