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Premium Ductwork

Shipping Policies for Premium Ductwork: All premium ductwork is subject to a 20% shipping charge with a minimum of $15 shipping charge for all premium ductwork on your order. You will be notified by our customer service department of the amount of your shipping. Note that certain ductwork items are drop shipped from the manufacturer and may not be shipped with the rest of your order. Because of its large dimensional volume, ductwork cannot be shipped by air.

Premium Heavy Duty Spiral Pipe
The inside of the pipe is very smooth while the continuous outside seam provides superior support and strength. Large ends adapt to small end connectors.
Premium Elbows
One-piece premium stamped elbows are very strong and very smooth for efficient air flow. Ends adapt to small end connectors.
Used to simplify adding a port to your machine.
Blast Gates
Premium gates that easily disassemble for cleaning.
Premium End Caps
Used to end a run and to save a space for adding pipe or fittings.
Premium Cross Laterals
The most efficient way to make 2 branches from a main line. Small ends connect directly to spiral pipe.
Premium Draw Band Connectors
The ideal flexible connector to attach pipe, or fittings to a machine, ductwork or dust collector.
Premium Drop Kits
All the components you need to go from your run to your machine.
Premium Duplex Drop Assembly
A complete kit for adding 2 drops from your run to 2 nearby machines.
Premium Laterals
The most efficient way to branch from a main line. Small ends connect directly to spiral pipe.
Premium Pipe Connectors
Connectors to connect pipe or fittings into a ductwork system.
Premium Reducers
This one piece fitting connects varying diameter components.
Quick Disconnects
Connects / Disconnects hose or pipe quickly from machines
Premium Wyes
Makes an efficient split from a main to 2 branches.
Premium Floor Sweep
Place near a machine for general cleanup.

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