Beading Kits

Beading Kits
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Use our easy turnkey system to make beaded kits quickly and effortlessly.
Note that the lengh of the posts of all of our kits are the same length so you can mix and match kits, metal beads and cone beads to make a large variety of interesing and different projects.

1) Pick a kit (i.e. keychain, bracelet assistant, etc)
2) Pick a set of metal beads (includes large metal center and 4 spacer beads)
3) Crafters, pick a cone shaped set of "Charisma" beads, turners you can make these beads on your lathe

You can add your own beads to any of our projects but remember, the center post is 2.5mm and may require a bead with about a 1/8" hole to fit.
4) Assemble

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