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Contractors Saw Dust Hood  Item #: R-TDHOOD

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Product Description

This metal dust hood is ideal for collecting dust from underneath a contractor's type table saw. It conveniently mounts and features easy front access to the dust port. Hood opening is 12" x 12", 6" deep with a 4" port. Galvanized sheet metal construction allows easy adapting to your saw.

Explanation of origin and application of the hood by the inventor Chuck Lenz:

I started this project because I felt there was alot of room for improvement in what was out there for dust collection for these type of saws. There are only a few choices that I seen when I was looking around the internet for dust collection for the Contractor type saws, the generic plastic flat tray hood or a dust bag. The advantages to my sheet metal designed hood over the generic plastic tray hood are, it's groundable, commercially durable, a larger area for the dust to drop into, and the port comes out the back between the legs of the saw stand, which offers a more convenient hose connection and eliminates the need to bend the DC hose or install a elbow that would result in a CFM reduction, with this hood it's a straight shot out with the DC hose. As far as closing the back of the saws cabinet goes, I have heard a few stories of people making a plywood back then forgetting to remove it when beveling the blade and forcing the trunion out of line, I even heard of one guy cracking a trunion and was without a saw till the new part arrived, and it wasn't cheap. So instead of going that route I closed the gap between the saws cabinet and top with 1" closed cell foam and used magnetic sign material to block the opening around the bevel indicator on the front of the saws cabinet. I blocked the blade on the backside that also moves with the trunion and blade when doing beveled cuts, this keeps the blade from throwing dust out the back of the cabinet. Now all the fresh air needed for the dust collector to breath comes in from the back of the cabinet, reducing the chance of the fine dust generated inside the cabinet from escaping out the back also. A heavy gauge sheet metal was used on all the parts.


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