23/64in. Acrylic Blank Drill Bit

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Product Description

Are you tired and frustrated of splitting and tearing your plastic pen blanks when you drill? Now your problems are solved! With this new, dedicated High Speed Steel Acrylic Blank Drill Bit you'll be amazed how quickly and precisely you'll drill through your Acrylic pen blanks. So you can eliminate the frustration of split and torn Acrylic blanks. The uniquely designed bullet shaped bit exits gradually from a small to large hole, helping you reduce tearing-out the end of the blank. Drill Acrylic blanks faster and cleaner than ever before. Works on 23/64in. pen kits. Made with durable HSS.

Specification Description
Size: 23/64 x 4.9 in
Material Type: High Speed Steel
Package Count: 1
Projects Used On: Plastics requiring 23/64in. hole
Category: Drill Bits


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23/64 in. HSS Brad Point Drill Bit 23/64 in. HSS Brad Point Drill Bit
Item # PK-2364

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Where this item is used:

You can use this 23/64in. Acrylic Blank Drill Bit to drill the correct size holes in the blanks of any of the projects in the list below: