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Long Ranger Heavy Duty Pro Remote Motor Starter Switch

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Product Description

Turn On Your Dust Collector from over 50ft Away With The Long Ranger Heavy Duty Remote Dust "Motor Starter" Dust Collector Switch
Compatible with heavy duty Motors up to 7.5 HP. Save yourself the inconvenience of walking over to turn on your dust collector while you're in the middle of a critical project Simply press the transmitter on/off button to easily switch your dust collector on or off.

The advantages of this unique system includes:

Simple, reliable, and fool-proof operation
Heavy duty commercial quality construction
Convenient belt clip on transmitter
FCC approved
Extra hand pieces available for multiple users or multiple machines
Programmable with multiple frequency codes
Grounded with reset button
Uses R.F. signal, not affected by outside interference
Transmitter signal goes through walls - does not have to be aimed directly.

Includes transmitter - spare and replacement transmitters available. This is a "Motor Starter" switch that offers extra protection to your duct collector's motor. Dial the maximum amps for the motor; if the motor exceeds that amperage, it will cut off the power
Can be wired for

220-230V up to 19 amps single phase (up to 3.5 HP)
220-230V - up to 19 amps 3 phase (up to 5HP
440-450V - up to 19 amps 3 phase (up to 7.5 HP


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