Wood Imprinting Set

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Wood Imprinting Set

Now any item that is reproducible on a photocopy machine or a laser printer can be applied to a smooth surface. Personalize pens, wooden crafts or soft goods (like fabric or leather) with this easy to use transfer system. Simply make a
photocopy or laser print from your computer of any black and white or color pattern. For text, print or copy in reverse. The pattern may be enlarged or reduced as needed. Next place the copy face down and use the transfer tool to iron it on. For the final step remove the photocopy by reironing it while slowly peeling it off.
Detailed instructions are included on the back of the package. For personalizing pens or other small round objects, use our convenient work holding jig.

Transfer tool: 120V AC, 6 foot cord, 8-minute heat up time, includes directions

Instructions for printing in reverse

Every Windows PC includes "MSPAINT" Program - you will use this program to reverse the type
From the Windows Task Bar go to
Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> Mspaint
The MS Paint Program will start. Select the "A" tool, Hold down the left mouse button and draw a rectangle to type your text into. Release the left mouse. A Blinking cursor will appear.
Type your text into the box and use the "Fonts" Menu to Change the text style and sizes.
Once your type is set, Got to the "IMAGE" Menu -> Flip Rotate -> then select the "Flip Horizontal" button -> OK
Your text will now be in reverse. Print or duplicate the image on a toner based printer or copier before imprinting with the wand.

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