Big Gulp Ultimate Lathe Dust Hood

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Product Description

Easily and conveniently collect your lathe dust

The Big Gulp Ultimate Lathe Hood easily fits on your lathe. So you can avoid the hassle of trying to position and re-position a dust collection decive . This hood is supported by a series of three slotted arms that allow easy positioning. And tt's easy to set-up - all you need to do is attachto the lathe bed. Plus itfits most lathes. (note: does not fit lathes with a single post).

  • Attaches to most lathes with extension bed or standard size lathes
  • Huge 13" x 16" hood with a 4" port effectively collects your turning chips and dust
  • With it's 40" + span, it easily moves horizontally without the need to remount it

Specification Description
Size Inlet x Outlet(s) - dia: 4" to 13" x 16"
Category: Lathe Dust Collection Solutions