Lathe Dust Collection Package

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Product Description

Lathe Dust Collection Package
Chips and fine sanding dust from your lathe are not only annoying but dangerous to your health. We've assembled this package so you can eliminate that irritating dust effectively and affordably. This system is compact, portable and all inclusive - it will easily fit into the smallest of shops.
This special Package includes:
DC3-1M Portable Dust Collector: This Portable Dust Collector - Air Handler Can Be Positioned Anywhere for Pin Point Dust Collection Needs
This compact dust collection / air handling unit with a powerful 1-1/2HP motor to move air over 850 CFM. Light-weight, portable at less than 50 lbs, this unit can easily move to the job or be mounted for special air handling needs: Features

1-1/2HP 110V Motor
Powerful 850CFM
Standard 1-micron vu-thru collction bag
Filter bag w/zipper for easy dust and chip removal.
zipper on bag provides easy dust and chip removal.
Collect dust from a single wood working machine
Discharge comtaminated air containing smoke, ceramic dust, plaster dust and various non-volatile fumes

D08 - 8 ft. 4" PVC quality clear flexible hose.

2 hose clamps DLHOODC2- Clear dust hood - provides easy visibility and magnetically attaches to any lathe; simple to reposition. Adapts to lathes to 12" swing.


Specification Description
Style: Single Bag
Portability: Portable
Filter Type(s): 1 micron bag
Main Filter area (sq ft): 17
Filter Specification: 99% @ 1 micron
Nominal Voltage: 110220
Phases: 1
Collector Footprint: 14" x 14"
Filter Footprint: 34" x 20"
Height (inches): 16.5
Sound Rating db: 62db
Max Static Pressure (inches): 8.5
Max Airflow through collector (CFM): 850
Running Amps: 16 @ 110V
Horsepower: 1.5
Main Inlet Size (inches): 4
Impeller Size (inches): 9
Impeller Material: Steel
Debris Collection Type: Fabric Bag
Shop Size (sq ft): Up to 400sq ft
Run Length (ft): 15
Suitable for Ductwork: N
Suitable for Multiple Tools: N
Category: Bag Style Dust Collectors