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Pool Cue Hardware Turning Set

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Product Description

This set includes the four essential accessories specifically designed for turning a pool cue kit. (1) Shaft turning mandrel set – We have made it easy to mount your blanks to the headstock with this system when you purchase our Shaft and Butt set. It includes a #2MT male mandrel with a threaded pin to connect to the tip shaft blank insert. Plus, a #2MT female mandrel with an internal thread to connect to the Butt Shaft threaded pin. These mandrels support the shafts with the opposite end supported by a live center. Requires lathes with #2MT headstock & tailstocks. (2) Tip end Cup center – Mounts onto a 60deg live center. It Holds the shaft tip precisely for turning—note the shaft tip is extra wide avoid splitting. (3) 30in. Long Tool rest and Banjo —Necessary for turning down the long 30in. Butt and Shaft Blanks. Banjo is necessary to hold the post at the opposite end of the tool rest (compatible with 10in. and 12in. lathes). (4) Follow rest—Supports the long Butt and Tip spindle blanks while turning—similar to a steady rest but designed to make it easy to follow the long blanks from end to end without whip.

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