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I Cant Believe This Finish Starter Set  Item #: PKCAFINSET

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Product Description

Put a true acrylic finish on your wood pens. Get a rock hard, ultra shiny finish that makes the grain pop, won't mar, won't scratch, won't yellow, cleans like glass and will last forever. It's a great alternative to hi-gloss friction polishes for your high-end pens. Specially formulated from cyanoacrylate (CA) to produce a true layer of acrylic on your wood pen surface.

The starter package includes:
  • 4 oz of specially formulated CA finishing glue (2ea 2oz bottles)
  • Plastic Finishing Sandpaper Kit
  • ONESTEP plastic finishing polish
  • CA Accelerator and complete instructions. 
Together this combination will create the finish you won't believe! The included 4oz of CA finishing glue will finish from 20-24 pens. (We suggest using with latex gloves, goggles and dust mask - not included.  Use in a well ventilated space).  Because of the 6-month shelf life of the CA finishing glue we recommend purchasing the CA finishing glue refills as you need them. The finishing process will total about 15 minutes and curing overnight - but the results will be well worth your trouble.

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