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Set of 2 Benjamins Best 3/4 in. and 1/2 in. HSS Versa Chisels  Item #: LCVERSA

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Benjamin's Best High Speed Steel Versa Chisels (set of 2)>br>Problems with your skew or scraper binding in your work?
Do you find beads and coves a challenge?
These problems are solved with the new Benjamin's Best "Versa Chisel". These versatile chisels are forgiving for the novice and yet provide the ultimate control for the experienced turner. The Versa-Chisels perform as a scraper, skew, & gouge. It is also ideal for beads and coves. You'll be amazed to see the smooth flawless finish on your spindles after turning with these chisels. Sharpens easily on their flat surfaces.
·3/4" Chisel has 9" handle and 4-3/4" blade.
·1/2" Chisel has 7" handle and 5" blade.

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