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Barracuda2 Lathe Key Chuck System  Item #: CSC3000C

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Product Description

One of the easiest to use, best value chucks on the market 
The Barracuda2 is an easy to use, high-performance, full accessorized key operated self centering four-jaw lathe chuck system. You only need one hand to use this lathe chuck as the "T" handle jaw tightening key enables you to to tighten the jaws with only one hand while your other hand is free to support your work.

Key Benefits:

  • Easy to use with one hand operation: The "T" handle key system makes it much easier to use than the lever, non-key chuck systems. 
  • Will give you more turning confidence: Because you only need one hand to tighten the jaws, you can feel more confident and comfortable supporting your work with your free hand. 
  • Powerful grip: to hold your work piece securely.
  • Smooth operation & balance: The Barracuda2 system is precision engineered and machined to provide you smooth operation and minimize vibration at almost any lathe speed.
  • Compatible for most woodturning projects: The variety of included jaw sizes and accessories means the Barracuda2 lathe chuck will mount most turning projects onto your lathe; including bowls, spindles, small turning projects and more.
  • Works with any Mini Lathe, Midi Lathe or Full Sized Lathe.
  • Changing jaws is quick and easy
  • Stout storage case for easy handling and organization: The blow molded plastic case will easily store, organize and secure the complete Barracuda2 Lathe Chuck System.
  • Virtually dust free use: the wood chips and dust clear out of the chuck drive gear with ease.

Complete Lathe Chuck system includes:

  1. Chuck Body
  2. #1 Step Jaws
  3. #2 Round Jaws
  4. #3 Round Jaws
  5. Pin Jaws
  6. Screw Chuck
  7. Headstock adapter
  8. "T" handled Jaw tightening key
  9. "T" handled Allen wrench
  10. Blow molded carrying case

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