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2 Speed 8" Bench Grinder
Diamond Dressing Stone Wolverine Jig and Vari-Grind Attachment
Get the functionality of two grinders in one with this versatile machine. Ideal for grinding, shaping and sharpening metal.
Use at the 1750 RPM low speed for lower heat buildup, helps eliminate removing temper from tools while sharpening. Use at the faster 3450 RPM speed for quick grinding and shaping.
• Change speeds with a flip of a switch
• Balanced 1/2HP, 115V 2 speed induction motor
• Aluminum oxide grinding wheels:
Grey 60 grit and white 120 grit
• Wheel sizes: 1" wide x 8" dia, 5/8" bore
• Includes toolrest and spark deflector shields
• Weight is 42 lbs

GRIND2S 2 Speed 8" Bench Grinder

Diamond Dressing Stone
A durable diamond impregnated stone that’s Ideal
for dressing any grinding wheels in you shop.

GRINDDS Diamond Dressing Stone

Wolverine Jig and Vari-Grind Attachment

Wolverine Jig

Vari-Grind Jig
Use these excellent sharpening aids either together or separately to sharpen precision profiles on your lathe chisels.
A) Grind your skews and gouges precisely every time with the Wolverine jig system. The Wolverine system includes 2 jigs that mount under each grinding wheel of your grinder. Each jig has an adjustable “V” arm to adapt to chisels up to 27” long. Lay the handle of your tool in the “pocket” of the jig, adjust the jig length so the chisel will be ground at the proper angle then sharpen a perfect angle every time. The system includes a platform for general grinding.
B) The Vari-Grind attachment is ideal for quickly and easily grinding finger nail profiles typically used on the shallow spindle gouges or side grinds of deep flued bowl gouges. Lock the chisel into the jig and use the Wolverine jig or a shop made stop to position the leg of the jig for precision grinding.

ONEWOLV Wolverine Jig
ONEGRIND Vari-Grind Jig $47.50
ONE9 Buy BOTH and SAVE $10!
Wolverine Jig & Vari-Grind Jig

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